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What I Do

“If you want a new outcome,

you will have to break the habit of being yourself,

and reinvent a new self.”

Joe Dispenza

True Lifestyle & Vitality  is about more than just health, it’s about transforming old habits and guiding you to experience and live a balanced, whole life. It is an integral, inclusive approach. A wonderful journey to hack your dysfunctional habits, embracing your physical health, mental and emotional health, discovering your deepest needs and qualities. It is a journey to discover who you are and to help you live a fulfilling and motivated life. Becoming the Best Version of Yourself! – with me on your side!

In our current society temptations are great, a lot has changed, good health has become far too confusing and it can be difficult to adjust your lifestyle. You want to change and do not want to wait to become sick. You’ve tried this and that but nothing really works or lasts. Which healthy habits suit your life? Without knowing how to achieve meaningful and sustainable personal change, it is difficult to make change happen and, above all, lasting.

With a positive approach, I help you clarify step by step,  what is important for you. I help you identify your habits, create a tailor-made plan with daily schedules and together we work towards your own personal goal.

Would you like to:

  • Improve your Mindset?
  • Have a good Work-Life balance?
  • Lose weight by learning to eat healthy? (no diet)
  • Have a fit body?
  • Have control of your own life?
  • Do the things that are important to you and take time to relax?
  • Sleep well and get up with energy in the morning?
  • Love yourself as you are?
  • You’re English or Italian living in The Netherlands having difficulties adapting to your new lifestyle?

My coaching is not for everyone!
If you Really Want to Change, you are “Hungry” to learn and are Committed – it’s already a great start.

The challenge starts once you have your personal plan! It is important that you stick to it. Your decision and commitment  to change is fundamental for the positive results. I can support you to train those new healthy habits and get more grip on working towards your goal. Once you harness your new habits, Health and Vitality improve instantly! 

Are you ready to Learn, Do the work and Experience the Best Version of Yourself?


You’ve found the right place.smile

Luisa De Angelis
Lifestyle Coach and Trainer (GLI)
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