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“Change your Mind Change your Health”

“Total Vitality in 6 weeks”

 Together with Leef je Stijl,  Florence Fabbricotti and I offer Workshops and Trainings to schools and companies in the field of Lifestyle & Vitality. The training courses are educational, interactive and provide very concrete steps for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Let me introduce you my lovely colleague Florence Fabbricotti –  Certified Integral Lifestyle Coach (Post-HBO for Combined Lifestyle Interventions)

Experienced trainer (schools, companies) and 1-on-1 programs. Gives trainings at VodafoneZiggo and gives 2 year CooL programs for people with Obesity.

Our Trainings

Stress vs Relaxation (NL)

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For Students in secondary and further education.  4 lessons we go through our 4 themes with the students:
– Stress and relaxation
– Biorhythm
– Food
– Physical exercise

Young people become aware of their lifestyle and what it does to their energy and mood. We provide concrete tips to change their lifestyle. Young people take on challenges to actually get started with their vitality in their daily lives.


Teacher training, Train the trainer For teachers – secondary and further education. The aim of this train-the-trainer course is that teachers themselves can teach Lifestyle to their class or group. Teachers go through the 4 themes and are given challenges, just like the students:
– Stress and relaxation
– Biorhythm
– Food
– Physical exercise

Materials are made available to teach the lessons yourself.
1. Go through the 4 themes and make 1 or 2 lessons yourself
2. Give two lessons in the group / class under the guidance of a “LeefjeStijl” trainer.
3. Two “return” moments in which experiences are exchanged and questions are answered.


We go through the 4 themes in groups of a maximum of 12 employees:

Stress and relaxation
– Biorhythm
– Food
– Physical exercise

The emphasis is on the theme “Stress and relaxation”. The employees take on their own chosen challenges to actually tackle their situation. The number of meetings can be further determined with the employer. If desired, a physical work-out “Fit in the workplace” can be added (specifically with exercises that are relevant to the type of work, for example sedentary work or physically demanding work). The training can be continued with individual coaching conversation

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